Modular Exhibition Systems

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Save time and money with our modular product group
The modular M-Series comprises a wide range of standardized products with straight and curved frames, accessories and visuals.

The frames feature highly distinctive rounded recesses at the exterior of the frame. These recesses are milled at precise distances and have the exact same diameter, simplifying solid connections between the different frames. Our selection of connectors and accessories enable rapid and constructive assembly of any desired combination.


Most Versatile System
Price Winning System
The M-Series consists of double-sided frames and can therefore be fitted with panels or textile prints on either side.

Our M-Series has been developed to acomodate both panels and textile prints with a silicon strip, enabling endless variations with different materials to achieve te desired look.

Two Frame Types
Permanent or Assembling
Our Permanent Frames are fixed constructions and are very popular among exhibition stand builders. They are widely used in permanent applications.

The Assembling Frames have detachable frame parts which are easily connected with our Quick-Lock System. Even inexperienced users are able to assemble any frame within 90 seconds.


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